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GLOW in the Dark Flower

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We are a unique flower delivery service based in Las Vegas, Nevada, specialized in our signature handmade boxes, glass domes from Europe and handpicked preserved roses from Ecuador.

We are committed to provide only the best quality flower arrangements to bring happiness and love to your home and to your loved ones.

Our roses
All of our roses are the best quality preserved roses from Ecuador and they last at least for one year or more without water or any special care. Please avoid watering the roses and do not put them under direct sunlight for a long period of time.
How do they GLOW?
We use 100% plant based ingredients createad by Flavatar Technology for the treatment of preserved roses which make them glow in the dark. The technology developed by flAVATAR Technology is in all aspects free from gene manipulations. The substance used to treat the plants are 100% safe as well as for the natural environment, as humans and animals. The mixture which can be found on the flower is not edible!
Read more about flAVATAR here: http://flavatar.hu/en/
How do our roses last?
Our Roses from Ecuador were cut when it’s in full bloom and most beautiful state. Then the roses will get soaked in a substance such as glycerine for the rehydration process. After a couple of days, the substance will replace the sap of the rose leaving it fresh looking with natural appearance and radiant colors that can last up to a year.
How does it work?
The treated preserved roses emit beautiful colors such as blue, green, red. They glow for up to 30 minutes (depending on the level of charging), if immediately put in a dark place after charging. Should the glow fade with time, charging is very easy, you only need to place the arrangement to direct sunlight, lamp, or even your cellphone flash light for a couple of minutes and it will glow beautifully again.
Our preserved roses last more than a year and GLOW in the Dark